First Week Back

We write this watching the alpenglow over Mont Blanc. Its good to be home! We have been re-acquainting ourselves Chamonix life; eating croissants, baguettes, cheese, crepes and drinking red wine! Along with some walking, climbing, gear shopping and a tiny bit of work. To get our skinny legs working again we wandered up to find the ‘traces des dinosaures’ from the Emosson Dam, Switzerland. Disappointingly we couldn’t find them. Maybe they were still under snow. Dinosaurs was the theme of the day and we found a Geoplodocus and a Danosaurus-rex! Georgie was very happy to find the wild flowers still blooming. She has spent a lot of time getting snap-happy with the camera! Daniel has spent a lot of time standing patiently. Tomorrow we start some serious acclimatisation so hopefully we can play in Chamonix’s big mountains!

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