Before the Storm

This week the sun has been mostly shining! We have been climbing, dry-tooling, mountaineering and eating! Sadly, storms put a bit of a dent in our high mountain plans. To start our acclimatisation, we brought one of the best picnics ever from the Chamonix Market and ate it up the Aiguille du Midi 3842m! Poulet rotisserie, pain aux olives and nectarine blanc! Yummy enough to make your toes wiggle! Next, to sleep high and do some uphill slogging, we walked up to Lac Blanc and bivvied out under the stars! We then spent a morning on the slopes of the Petit Vert throwing each other in to crevasses! Then rescuing each other! Its good to keep our snow skills sharp!

At the end of the week, just before the storms rolled in, we popped up to the summit of Pnte Lachenal 3613m. It involved climbing some steep snow and ice, funfunfun! Georgie has always wanted to go up to the Albert Premiere hut. So we did! The long way! Fantastic! Tomorrow work rears its ugly head and play will have to be squeezed in! There are two routes in the mountains that Dan wants to do, and Georgie wants to get her road bike out. We need to fix the brakes on our mountain bikes… we tried once but it didn’t go well!

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