BBQs and Lakes

Although work has reduced our play time it did take us to the Ecrins National Park as support drivers for a team cycling in L’Étape du Tour Mondovélo. We managed to squeeze in seeing our friends, wandering in the hills, BBQing and climbing a mountain. Georgie dusted off her road bike and made her leg bones feel like overcooked spaghetti! Our BBQ was very English – in the rain. Rain that didn’t stop until the following evening – but thankfully in time for the Coupe du Monde d’Escalade In Chamonix! The climbers were awe-inspiring and the fireworks afterward were magnificent!

One of our hill wanderings took us to Lac Cornu. It was a very hot day and the lake was very blue and inviting. So we jumped in! Splosh! The water was so cold it felt like our limbs where going to fall off! After last week’s adventure up Point Lachenal, we decided to go and do the full traverse of her long lumpy summit! It was super cool, steep snow, ice and some tricky rock climbing! Another route off Dan’s tick list! Next week should see us popping over to Switzerland and hopefully climbing lots. We are on the hunt for the correct tools to fix our bikes, fingers crossed.

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