Snow in July

The weather has been pants! There has been snow down to 2000meters! We catch glimpses of beautiful snow dusted mountains between dark, low clouds. Our plans have been severely affected by the terrible weather; lift closure, the dry tooling crag got uncomfortably close to flooding! Ahhh! We did find the right tools for fixing our bikes and the bad weather gave us the opportunity to play with them. Along with the man on a you-tube video we improved the brakes. They work! A break in the weather saw us scrambling out the door to throw ourselves down a mountain. Georgie had a little accident and ended up with a bike on her face but to her great disappointment she didn’t even get a bruise.

Georgie was poorly a couple of days this week so when Dan had finished playing nurse he went dry tooling with Pete. They spent lots of time trying hard stuff and getting grubby! But came home before they got washed away! We went on a little trip to Saas Balen, Switzerland to see what it looks like there in the rain. It was a great mini adventure, we visited our friends, held the baby, ate some super yummy food, had meats and cheese for breakfast, drank some Prossecco and went for a bike ride. Next week have to work lots and lots! We also have our first French lesson! Fingers crossed for some sunshine.

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