Riding Bikes and Climbing Walls

Although we didn’t quite get the weather we had hoped for, we did have a day of sunshine! Woohoo! We spent it bouncing, splashing, sliding and getting as muddy as possible on our mountain bikes! The only accident this time was a puncture! Work this week was pretty full-on. We cleaned 3 chalets in one day! This week was the first week of catered guests in the chalet. Just a small group as a gentle warm-up. We also had our first and second French lesson this week! Slyvia is our teacher and she is lovely. She taught us to say l’alphabet correctly, we learnt to spell out or names en français and we got homework!

The rain actually drove us to the climbing wall. We climbed until we could climb no more! We have also been using the rock rings to try and keep our climbing strength up. Another highlight this week was a visit from some of our lovely friends. We had a long lunch, then the boys went riding and the girls and baby went for a glass of rosé! Next week less work and more play (hopefully). We may visit Switzerland again and Dan’s bike brakes need some more attention, perhaps some new brake pads…

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