Schnapps and Huts

Rain and work make Georgie and Dan unhappy bunnies! Thankfully there has been the odd break, in both the weather and the work! We caught an afternoon in the sunshine with friends on Swiss National Day and complimented it with schnapps and raclette! Back in Chamonix we snatched another afternoon at Gaillainds climbing. Moving on the rock was a fantastic change to working, Georgie’s parents visited, brought some Cadburys Fruit & Nut as well as the sunshine! We managed to join them on sections of their walks and caught some long awaited views of the Mont Blanc massif, reminding us of what a beautiful place we live in.

Then something magical happened! We had days off! Dan spent them climbing at Brévent with Pete. The crag has recently been re-bolted making the shiny gneiss a beautiful challenge and not a dance with death! Georgie volunteered as a model for the Adventure Film Festival photography course! She got to spend a night in the Refugio Bonatti over in Italy. Hopefully she will be given a lovely pile of new gear to abuse and review! We have made our last move before Italy! Our work is tailing off so we get to have more fun!!

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