Italian Tomatoes!

The last week in Chamonix proved to be very busy but we still managed to squeeze in one last climb. Dan left for Italy a few days earlier than Georgie. On his last day he noticed that the leaves on the maples had already started to turn. Georgie finished off the packing and stole a few French moments; coffee and croissants for breakfast and wondering around Chamonix market.

We are now both safely in San Lazzaro on the Amalfi coast in southern Italy! There is a horizon! There has been no rain for 2 months! The farmers are saying this is good for grapes but not other crops! Although the heat to us feels like summer its actually the beginning of autumn. The tomatoes are being harvested and dried, the maize that Dan helped to plant when we were here in the spring has been harvested! The food is really tasty and the chilled fizzy vino rosso is very refreshing! We are here for 2 months, to soak up some sunshine before a cold Chamonix winter.


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