Long Way Down!

When we are feeling energetic we walk down to Amalfi rather than catching the bus, Dan gets less travel sick this way too. Although we are only about 2 km away on the map, we walk about 7km because the path is very steep and full of switchbacks. The path has over 2000 steps! It is part of an old network that connected the villages before the roads where built.  What must have once been bustling paths are now slowly being taken over by brambles and we rarely see any body else. We wander through lemon groves, under steep cliffs, shrines and Madonnas, past prickly pear cacti, fig, pomegranate, olive and walnut trees, past houses that have beautiful gardens with fantastic flowers. There are amazing views out to sea and postcard views down to Amalfi. It is a walk that seems to be different every time. Today we did it in a deluge that turned the steps into a gushing waterfall!

Occasionally we walk back up them! Dan ran up them once in 49 minutes and 6 seconds! Georgie has yet to try for a speed record! 


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