Pirates and Capri

We have visited the island of Capri quite a few times now we still the think the best bit is the boat ride, especially when it’s bouncy! And the waves go SPLOSH over the sides! We sit out on the front deck, where it’s the most windy and blow away all the cobwebs and pretend that we are pirates arghhh! We see posh boats, get a different view of Amalfi and watch the coast line go by with it’s steep cliffs and precariously perched villages. As the boat cruises into the harbour at Capri it passes underneath intimidating cliffs on the top of which is the ruins of emperor Tiberius’ villa Jovis. We can see his leap, from which Tiberius was supposed to have people thrown off!  It looks a long way from the top to the bottom!

The boat docks at Marina Grande and then we walk up narrow streets to the busy Piazza Umberto |. Quickly we escape the crush of cruise ship day trippers! After about 5 minutes of walking we are on paths that are almost empty. This bit of the island is beautiful and peaceful.  It’s a very lush, green island, it is supposed to have 1,000 different types of flora! Our walk takes us past the Arco Naturale (bit like Durdle Door) and out to the most eastern point of the island for a view of I Faraglioni (the off-shore sea stacks). As we make our way back to the harbour we pass gardens and posh hotels which Georgie loves peeking into, you can see just enough to be nosy but never enough to see what’s going on! The tall sided streets are covered in huge bushes of brilliantly coloured bougainvilleas. When we went earlier in the week the haze had cleared and for the first time we could see Naples and Vesuvius.

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