Boy Stuff and Mules

Occasionally we have been know to take a stroll out of San Lazzaro and up on to the ridge above it. On one side the whole of the Agerola Plain stretches out before us. The green bowl of the valley is dotted with hundreds of terracotta and white buildings. Across the valley is Monti San Michele (which is about the same hight as Ben Nevis). On the other side we can see over Naples to Vesuvius.

We amble past farm fields, some more managed than others, full of vines, all sorts of vegetables, fruit and nut trees. It has been wonderful to watch these change over the seasons. The grapes are just starting to be harvested, herbs and salads have been planted in the place of tomatoes. Here anywhere things can grow, things are grown, it’s just amazing! The marrows grow down walls with little shelves put in to stop them breaking off the plant. Some of this walk passes through worked woodlands of alder and chestnut. Dan is often able to find a good walking stick to use! Boy stuff! The wood is still carried by mules. Often they are decked out with little bells so you can hear them coming. They don’t stop, it’s up to you to get out of their way, no matter how difficult!

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