Cats and Pizza

Today we went for a mini adventure! We hopped on a bus up to Ravello. It’s a pretty little town, with lots of ceramic shops, immaculate gardens, cats that want to be your friend and a very happy public toilet attendant, who even directs you to your cubical. Georgie wasn’t so sure about being sent to ‘the corner’.

After visiting some of the gardens, admiring the view and having a munch on pizza fritters we dawdled through back streets, bounced down lots and lots of steps, sometimes we skipped down them two at a time! We sauntered past vegetable patches, through pine forests, past a convent, some ruins, stopping occasionally to admire a pretty beetle or the view, all the way down to Minori. Which is a pretty little town, but not much there so we hopped on the bus back to Amalfi to refuel our skinny legs with pizza and beer! And of course an ice-cream! Yum-yum!

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