Gladiators and Cheap Coffee

We decided to treat our tired skinny legs with a touristy adventure – visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius! We didn’t realise Pompeii was quite so vast and Vesuvius so steep! Not really that much of a rest!

There is so much to look at in Pompeii! And so many tourists, although the further away from the entrances the fewer there were! A lot of the buildings seem to be closed, propped up with scaffolding. The sign posting and maps, along with the closed streets made it difficult to visit the buildings we had picked out so we resigned ourselves to getting lost and just wandering around. With Georgie’s imagination working over time we had a lovely day; pretending to be gladiators in the amphitheater (Dan won) watching tragedies in the theatre, giggling at the paintings in the brothel, peering past no entry signs to see what we could see. We found a lovely spot to have lunch were we could watch grapes being harvested from vines that are planted in the same place as 2000 years ago! The coffee was a cheaper than expected.

Vesuvius was less busy, maybe something to do with the grey cloud and rain that was shrouding it!  On the way up to the top all we saw was the black soil and interesting rock formations looming out of the mist. We slogged all the way to the top, got soggy and still got no view just another postcard shop!

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