Prosecco on the Beach

As our time in Italy came to an end, the bar in the village no longer made ice-cream, the chestnuts dropped, the leaves started to turn and the wind had a chill to it. Spiders webs covered with morning dew decorated the improbably placed car wreck that we sometimes wandered past in the hills!

No more views of achingly inviting turquoise seas, towering limestone cliffs that made our climbing fingers tingle. We miss coffee, ice-cream, tomatoes, pasta, the crazy driving, swimming in the sea, the amazing thunder storms and the swathes of cyclamen. We saw all different sorts of creepy crawlies from tiny to shiny to colourful, creepy and beautiful. Beautiful butterflies, industrious bees, regal praying mantis and tenacious dung beetles.

Before we left we had a few days to ourselves, this gave us the long awaited chance to go climbing! After not climbing for so long, our fingers were soft, our climbing shoes were painful and our arms weak! But what a feeling, moving against gravity, body balanced, pushing with our legs, pulling with our arms, feeling the rock for holds, the sound of the quickdraw snapping closed, the smell of rock and chalk on our fingers! Oh climbing how we missed you! When we could climb no more, we sat happily and watched the sun going down over the sea. It was very beautiful and romantic, a perfect place for Dan to propose. So he did! Georgie said yes!!  We celebrated the next day with a bottle of Prosecco on Positano beach!

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