Our trip back to the UK was the normal hectic affair. It was very lovely to see all our friends and family. Little adventures took us up to London, out to Wales and all over Sussex. We also ate lots of english food!

It was Dan’s birthday and as a treat his brother Willy, organised a day out 4x4ing!
It was a beautiful English autumn day! We rattled and bounced around in little tin can cars with huge knobbly tyres on! Splish! Splash! Splosh! through all the mud and puddles!  The cars took us up and down slopes that didn’t seem possible and some that where impossible.  Cars got stuck. The big Land Rover had to be pulled out by the little Suzuki! We were even allowed to drive! Big bravery awards go to Lewis for letting Georgie drive his car! It turns out she wasn’t too bad, although this was said before she confessed to having her eyes closed! Willy tried to take his car swimming, it didn’t go very well. Dan climbed on the bonnet to attach the tow rope on the the tow bar that was under the mud and water. Willy kindly made sure Dan didn’t fall in.

We are now back in a snowless Chamonix, looking forward to moving in to our new flat and getting out climbing and running before the snow comes!

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