We arrived back in Chamonix to a beautiful autumn, with clear blue skies. The snow was late in coming, which suited Georgie just fine. Even though temperatures were unseasonably warm it felt a little chilly after Italy! As well as playing and getting ready for the coming ski season we moved into our new flat. All our stuff just about fits in although the skis live behind the toilet.

Before the snow, we were sport climbing in t-shirts, bouldering in down jackets and leg warmers all fuelled by home made chicken and leek pies. We caught the Montenvers train several times, went wandering and climbed the never ending ladders to get down to the glacier to practice crevasse rescue, ice climb, make coffee, admire the new scar on Les Drus and climb on rock polished by the glacier

The snow finally arrived and with vengeance! So much snow! The valley looked like a winter wonderland! After the first dump and before the lifts were open, Georgie skinned up a hill and skied powder snow back down again !  Dan made it out the following weekend and found some powder to wallow around in.

Since then we have been working a lot, staff training, cleaning, snow clearing, more snow clearing. Digging the car out, has now lost its appeal!

The longest night has been and gone, the days are getting longer and we look forward to the new year and new adventures!  We both wish you happy adventures in 2012!

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