Snow, snow and more snow

The snow just kept coming and coming! Sometimes the ski lifts were closed because there was too much snow. After working lots and not having any time to play we were very desperate to get outside! So we set out on a fantastical adventure, something that had never been possible before! Something that had never before been attempted!! A ski tour across the car park at the bottom of the Grand Montets ski lift! We scaled huge drifts of snow, taller than us! Then tried to ski down them. Dan sometimes succeeded!

We had a visit from a snowboarding friend, who needed to take it easy, so Georgie took her snowboard out to slow him down! It was another bad weather day, with terrible visibility and buckets of snow! Fantastic ice crystals had formed on the ski lift. Despite the really bad visibility we had a really good afternoon. It was nice to be outside, with friends and some of Georgie’s tumbles were super funny!

We look forward to when the weather improves and we should be playing more than working!

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