Bigger than the Ben

After another long snow storm we had an day off together and the sun came out too, although the lift gods were not so kind and our plan to do a ski tour from Grand Montets lift had to be aborted because the lift broke down. So we zoomed down to Chamonix and up to the top of the Aguille du Midi and skied the petit envers variation of the famous vallee blanche.  There were some super steep slopes, narrow couloirs, a picnic on the mer de glace and more rocky excitement than perhaps Georgie needed! We made it all the way down to Chamonix! Thats 2800 meters of desent! Thats more meters than Ben Nevis has! Dan enjoyed it so much he did it again the following day!

One evening we got opportunity to pop through the tunnel to Courmayeur in Italy and catch a skidoo to a refuge, have dinner and then ski down in the dark! It was all very exciting and the food was excellent!

We had some visitors staying with us, they were fabulous guests, well house trained and they looked after us when we were both working! We even made it out on to the slopes with them.

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