Sunshine, Powder and Swiss Machines!

The sunshine and work dodging have been going well but with the Easter holidays and bad weather on the horizon, it’s not looking good for the google tan!

We have been searching for good snow the last few weeks. We tried up on the Vallee Blanche with some friends, but there were hoards and hoards of people, not the peaceful mountain experience we had hoped for, but beautiful none the less! We skiied under daunting seracs (big unstable ice cliffs), towering red granite cliffs with beautiful crack lines (which we have now brought the climbing guide book for). We skied over narrow snow bridges which spanned dark, bottomless crevasses.

Looking for something a bit more remote we ski toured over the Col du Passon. Going from one part of the Chamonix valley to another via the high mountain! There wasn’t very many people, it was a day full of beautiful sunshine and awesome powder. So exciting George had to have a lie down! The best part of the day was when we had to ‘boot pack’ (take off our skis and strap them to our rucksacks) because the terrain became too steep to continue skinning. We sped up the 75 meter couloir, Georgie was pretending to be the awesomely fast alpinist Ueli Steck seen in the ‘Swiss machine’ documentary (check it out on youtube ) humming the sound track out of tune, luckily none of our kit is made from glass!

One thought on “Sunshine, Powder and Swiss Machines!

  1. sarah q burke

    I have just watched that you tube link – wow! It looks amazing! Something I could never do, but I bet that guy felt just fantastic. Sounds like your adventures continue! Lots of love to you both, sarah

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