Chèré Couloir

After our warm sunny adventure to Italy we wrapped up warm and headed high to stretch our alpine legs. Along with our friend Jack we aimed for the first 2 pitches of the Chèré Couloir. A classic ice and rock gully on the Triangle du Tacul, on the north face of Mont Blanc du Tacul. A route that is scarily busy during the season. The inter-season quiet meant it was just us on it!

We skied and skinned over to the base of route! It was really cool! To get to somewhere on skies! This is exactly what we have learnt to ski for! The climbing was awesome! Steep ice that was in super condition, taking ice axes and crampons well. The morning was beautiful but it wasn’t set to last! While we were absailing of the route the cloud snuck over the mountain enveloping us into a white nothingness. It was hard to tell which way was up! Very disconcerting!

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