Mountainy Adventures

Over the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to play in the mountains with our friends. Both in the high mountain and on lower rock routes.
Dan did the left edge on the north face of the triangle of Mont Blanc du Tacul with our friend Fireman Tom. An exhilarating route up a face that had snow, rock and ice gullies! Dan loved the beauty of moving up against gravity, starting in the dark and watching the sun come up, being tested by a new route and the way his ice axes sparked off rock in the dark accompanied by the smell of hot rock.
Georgie wandered over the boarder for a big adventure in Switzerland with Claire. They stayed up in the Orny mountain hut and climbed behind the hut. The routes were really good fun, the company was great, the rock was awesome, the sun shined, the scenery was beautiful and the food in the hut was tasty! Georgie even went for a quick splash in the ice filled lake by the hut to get clean!

3 thoughts on “Mountainy Adventures

      1. Roger

        fantastic news, another excuse for a Jagerbomb, terrible news though for the climbers and their families. But so pleased you 2 are OK. Keep safe. Cheers Roger and Jayne

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