One Hell of a Summer!

Georgie and Dan have had a bit of a crazy summer! With an amazing ending, which we suppose is also a beginning! We got married on the 7th September!

We’ve been up to the normal things like climbing, mountain adventures, bivving, pizza eating, running away from storms, walking, biking, being visited by friends and a fair bit of work! We’ve also been up to some different things… day trips to Aosta and Annecy, mushroom picking (not the funky type!) Wedding planning, cake making, extreme hammocking, watched the tour du France, Georgie ran an ultra marathon and Dan went sailing in the Med!

We are now back from honeymoon and very chilled out! Here are some photos that we took on our adventures over the summer. We will put up some photos from our wedding and honeymoon as soon as we are back in Cham!


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