Georgie and Dan Got Married!

Dan and Georgie got married! We spent all summer planning and organising! We decided not to have any staff and get everyone helping out! We gave everyone a job, from bringing a salad, the cheese to furniture moving, laying the table, clearing up and taking photos! Zena (our humanist celebrant) wrote us a fantastic, moving, personal, romantic ceremony. The day ran like clockwork, it was so awesome! As planned we had a fantastically sunny day! Blue skies and not a cloud in sight!

Georgie’s dress was fantastically colourful! The bridesmaids Becky and Lucy were beautiful in green and super high heels! Dan looked very dashing! Bags, Gav and Will, the best man, all looked very sharp in there suits. Will managed to buy his 12 hours before the wedding! In fact everyone was beautiful and colourful!
A big thank you to everybody who was involved couldn’t have done it without you all! We had a faboulous, colourful day, smiling, talking, eating spit roasted pig and cheese, dancing, playing on the swings, laughing, smiling and getting  married, celebrating with our friends and family! We hope that everyone who was there had fun too!

Here is a selection of photos from our amazing photographer friend Ben Potter.  To see more click on the wedding tab! If you would like us to email you a full resolution file please give us a shout!

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