Peaks, Sea, Mountains

Straight after our wedding we disappeared off on honeymoon.  We had a little cottage in the Peak district, the first place we ever went on holiday together! Although it rained a fair bit we had some lovely romantic picnics in the car, ate pie, met fluffy cows, drank English beer, finished off the wedding cheese and bubbles, did some climbing, marvelled at hard grit climbs, visited a cave and got used to being married. After the heat of the previous weeks a damp, windy English 10°c felt VERY cold and both Dan and Georgie have worn less clothes when ice climbing than they did rock climbing that week!

After a week back in Cham Georgie left Dan for 2 weeks working on the south west coast of France. She got to stay in a rock star villa with sea views and a swimming pool, went running, swimming, had a go at surfing, ate lots of gateaux Basque and came home via Paris! Dan stayed in Cham where the weather was rubbish and he worked a lot!

Now happily back together in a very autumnal Chamonix, all set to make the most of the quiet time before the winter season starts!!

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