Fixing and Drifting

Due to bad weather Georgie decided she should get around to replacing the cracked headset on her bike. When she came home with a bag of borrowed massive spanners, a huge tub of grease, a hammer and a book, Dan ran away until he was needed as a track stand! It wasn’t quite as simple as the book made it look, bits were very stuck! After a lot of banging, swearing, spannering, confused looks, a broken broom handle and with just one sore toe! her bike now has a shiny new headset!

The rain turned to snow! As soon as it stopped snowing we jumped into to car to get a feel for how Trudy handled the snow! We trundled around and found a natural skid-pan
to learn how to….errrm… powerslide….no no…control skidding…. Although there seemed to be lots of snow, there wasn’t quite enough to go sledging! Next time! Winter is coming!

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