Trains, Pizza and Midnight Skinny Dipping

A little while ago now,we went on a little adventure. We left a chilly Chamonix to explore the Italian Rivera in flip flops. It was a jam packed, random weekend with friends; we spent a night in Genova in an apartment that used to be an aqueduct, had a massive Italian feast, found a bar with a library in it, saw a real pirate ship, visited an aquarium and found Nemo! Then cruised down the Italian Rivera to the Cinque Terre. The steep, cliffy coast line reminded usof Amalfi.

We explored the beautiful, coloured towns with boats parked on the streets, narrow streets with rainbows of drying washing decorating the sides of buildings. We saw trees held up with scaffolding, old men fishing with grandchildren, swam under spectacular sunsets (well Dan didn’t, he thought it was too cold!)

We drank a lot a lot of prosseco, had fantastic food, picnics on the beach, caught trains, drank coffee, ate ice cream and pizza, we went walking, midnight skinny dipping and acquired the cuts and bruises to prove it!

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