The End of Winter

What a winter! Its been long and hard but with some fantastic playtimes! With record snowfalls nearly every one of our precious days off has been epic! Skiing fresh fluffy powder that feels like floating, long high ski tours, day trips to Italy, mountain ridges in good and bad weather all shared with fantastic friends.

Bad weather days saw us, once again, turning our tiny living room in to a bike garage and tickling the tummies of our bouncy bike beasts, all ready for summer, we fixed the car and planned our spring holiday. We went meatball and kitchen hunting in the only place you can feel at home anywhere in the world…IKEA!

As the snow retreats up the mountain the valley changes from winter white to spring green. Flowers start to appear and waterfalls run fast with snow melt. The skis go back behind the toilet and we dig out the climbing gear, running shoes, shorts and BBQ. Climbing in Italy and France scrapes at winter softened hands but it feels so good to touch rock, to climb, to move up again!

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