Sunshine Hunting!

With winter finished we decided we needed an adventure! Before we could go we rushed Trudy the car back to the UK (she had been poorly most of the winter) and brought home Thor! Our big new car, perfect for adventuring!

We were off camping in the Verdon with friends for 10 days of sunshine, climbing, cycling, swimming, slack lining, running, fire pit cooking, sitting in our new glamping chairs and drinking rose! Or so we thought.  We got off to a great start with 2 great days in the sun………. then the rain came…….. and just didn’t stop. We hung out in the toilet block and watched it rain and rain and rain, even the dog had enough! After a particularly wet and miserable climb and bike ride and with no improvement forecasted we packed up and ran away!

Chamonix welcomed us home with a dusting of snow! Very weird for this time of year! So we took 12 hours to dry out and then hit the road in search of sunshine, climbing, pizza, car camping and ice-cream! We headed down to Finale, Italy in a monsoon and arrived at our campsite to sit and watch the rain some more! Overnight the rain stopped and the morning brought glorious sunshine and 3 days of hard, steep, wonderful warm climbing!

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