Snow and Sunburn

We returned from sunny Italy back to a chilly Chamonix, where it was still snowing. There are only so many times you can go swimming and after a few days of swimming and watching the snow Georgie was starting to look a bit prune-y and needed to be taken out for some fresh air.
So we jumped on the bikes and went for the first ride of the summer! The weather started out ok, but slowly it started snowing, getting heavier and heavier. Slipping and sliding around in the snow made a normally straightforward ride much more exciting!!
With one good day forecasted Dan, Jack and Pete seized the moment and walked up from the valley to the snow line (which looked a lot further away when they put their heavy rucksacks on!). They skinned up and up and up to the Refuge d’Argentiere. The plan was to sleep in the hut and then try a route off the Argentiere basin, but with lots of snow and rising temperatures the avalanche conditions weren’t good so they skied back home. Fresh tracks, a goggle tan and no one else on the mountain made a fantastic finish the winter season!

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