Summer Part 2

This part of summer starts with homemade pies by Passy lake at the bottom of the valley, where we go to cool off at the end of long, hot summer days! Especially needed after Georgie’s ski tour! Very odd to be skiing at the beginning of July!! Dan did his first summer alpine route soon after, slogging along in warm yoghurty snow, scratching crampons on steep granite in fresh air with fantastic views, amazing day, (thanks to Pete for the photos of Dan)
A bit of a downer was Georgie falling off her bike in Morzine, dislocating her thumb, and having it pinned in place, Thankfully it wasn’t put into a cast, although she did have to wear a splint. Despite not being able to do up her bra or shoelaces it didn’t seem to slow her down much, she helped dan paint the house.
La Fête National (Bastille Day) is our new favourite bank holiday – there are fireworks and everything! We headed up to celebrate with the rest of the village.


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