Trail des Aiguilles Rouges – 52km 4131 positive height gain! 29th September 2013

A month after the TDS Georgie was running again! Only 52km this time! Although shorter it was still pretty brutal with tough, stiff climbs, very little flat and endless, ankle-twisting descents!

Dan and Mary were awesome support, cheering Georgie off from Chamonix at 4.30 AM. Dedicated or what!? They were able to pick her out from the swam of head torches as she ran down the high street. Georgie met the dawn on top of the Aiguillette des Houches at the end of the first big climb after about 3 and half hours of running.  At 36.5km she ran through Argentiere very tired, hurting and looking a bit worse for ware so Dan and Mary filled her up with banana and ran with her for a few km until she was talking sense and had some colour back. They left Georgie in Le Tour before her last gruelling climb to rush back to Argentiere, jump in the car and head round the the finish in Vallorcine.  Georgie stormed the up and flew down to Vallorcine, catching Mary and Dan a bit unawares. A successful sprint finish this time without tripping up over the line! Georgie finished 11th in her category out of 31, 235th overall out of 485 finishers and 643 starters. No finishers gillet but tartiflette, pudding and a glass of red!

An hour or two after the race Mary and Georgie where already discussing the next race. Dan sighed and realised he had become ultra-marathon-widower!

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