The End of Summer

The TAR race seemed to mark the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The evenings are longer, the leaves are starting to turn, the snow is creeping its way down the mountain and winter bookings are starting to trickle in! We thought we would pull on our wooly typing gloves (the heating in out apartment block hasn’t come on yet!) and have a look back at the month before the TAR.

Georgie had the wire taken out of her hand which has healed quickly, without even leaving a scar but five weeks of non use has left it pretty weak. We have been climbing lots of high up easy stuff making the most of the lifts before they closed. Dan drove to the UK, via Fontainebleau the home of bouldering to meet up with his friend Neil for 5 days. Georgie went straight back the UK to hang out with friends and family. We travelled to up St Ives in Cambridgeshire, where we stared and stared and started at the endless horizon, so flat compared to the mountains here. We visited Dorest, saw the sea, ate sausages, roast dinners and drank real beer.
After being back in cham for less than 48 hours Georgie had already run 40km! Dan was out exploring new places to boulder. Him and Pete scrambled up to the Col du Passon (a place we have skied over) the views up the Argentiere Glacier are amazing, all the big, famous faces looming over the glacier, making you feel very small but very privileged to be in amongst giants. Now we look forward to  2 months off season, fingers crossed the weather holds!!

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