Morocco – An interesting place!

Morocco is a crazy place, so many smells, so much noise and vibrant colours. The people we met were really friendly. We travelled around the country with our friends Pete and Àine in our hired car – Fanny the flying Ford Fusion Fiesta!

We slowly wound our way across the country watching the endless burnt orange countryside pass by.  We meandered along crappy roads not quite wide enough for 2 cars, round the pot holes (we only needed one wheel fixed!) dodging goats, donkeys, mopeds, mules, horses and carts and the odd dog!

We visited the mountains (visit Pete’s blog for a detailed, if graphic, account of our attempt at North Africa highest peak), walled market towns, the seaside and cities. We got really bad tummy upset, did some high altitude bouldering, saw goats on mules, brought new slippers, learned that riding a camel is like sitting on a boat, ate tagine and drank lots of sweet mint tea that was poured from a great height, which, we found was harder than it looked!

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