Big skis in small spaces; Rectiligne 22/02/14

A lovely day out with lovely people!

Pete Houghton



They are a blessing, they are a curse. A constant parade of what-ifs, of if-only-I-hads. The problem with having big fat powder skis is that when you are skiing on anything slightly more sensible and the snow suddenly comes up above the top of your boot, you can’t help but think “Man, I wish I had brought the big skis!”


So yesterday we did just that – we’d usually take the normal planks down the Rectiligne, just because of the scratchy bits towards the end to get back onto the glacier. But Aine, having been back in Ireland for five weeks, was keen to get out on her brand new Pontoons as much as possible. We set the alarm, inhaled the coffee, met with Dan, and sat in the queue.

A group of five had peeled off left to the Couloir des Autrichiens, and half-a-dozen tracks went straight to the…

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