La Noir

The snow has settled itself a little thanks to a two week spell of high pressure which brought blue sky’s and sunshine. Temperatures in the valley were warm, mid mountain had some great spring like snow and high up was glorious. Cold enough to keep the powder soft and fulffy. Because of the lack of snow so far, the crevasses on the glaciers have not been as well filled as they can be at this time of year. This has made the high mountain quiter that normal, which is great!

Dan, Pete and Siôn made the most of the quiet hills with a glorious run down the Noir side of the Vallee Blanche. This is generally a quieter line to ski and it looked as if only a few had ventured that way this season. After catching a leisurely 0930 cable car they were up in the sunshine and skiing towards Italy. After a quick ski they switched to skins and climbed upto and over the Col du Flambeau, a short ski and another quick skin later they were at a high point on the Glacier du Geant. The ski down was great, cold powder snow on the whole. Dan had a missuserstanding with a small area of windslab snow and had a tumble losing a pole, not the place to go digging around for it on top of crevasses and dodgy snow, so the rest of the ski was done one polled for him – all good practise!

The weather men keep promising snowmageddon this week so we shall see what appears!!

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