Signal Forbes – A Night In The Mountains

There is a magical point in the Chamonix Valley called Signal Forbes, it sits above Montenvers and the Mer du Glace and has the most spectacular views of the Drus the Grands Jorasses and the Grands Charmoz. We have thought for a while it would be an ace place to go to and watch the light show that the sun produces on summer evenings.

At the moment we have our friends Pete, Sarah and their little boy Freddie over from the UK for a short stay . Pete and Sarah have been here a few times before and each time we have found an awesome spot to bivi in the hills, this was to be Fred’s first alpine bivi experience so the Signal Forbes seemed like an awesome place to go!

Armed with all the cameras – the digital SLR, GoPro and a shiny new iPhone 6 (these things take pretty good pictures) we all made our way up. Dan’s climbing partner Pete also tagged along for the adventure, he fancied a gentle evening out after having just completing the Chamonix 80KM race. He absolutely smashed it placing 110th overall out of 1000 starters, go Pete! Petes’ Blog tells a magnificent tale of suffering and hardship, click here for a read!

Dan, the Petes and Fred caught the train up to Montenvers and walked the 45 minutes up to Signal Forbes from there. Georgie and Sarah walked up from the valley. The boys were using good excuses for not joining the girls in walking all the way up; Pete’s legs were tired, Fred only has tiny legs as he is three etc etc…. We all rendezvoused at Signal Forbes, fired up the JetBoil up for dinner and sat in awe watching the sun go down. It cast amazing colours, shadows and shapes on the mountains as it disappears behind the Aiguille Rouges, it really is a magical sight.

Dan had hoped to get some good start trail shots over the mountains but the moon was out it all its glory which made star trails hard to shoot as it was very bright. Instead Dan and Pete played with long exposures with some fun results, the Drus and Jorasses truly are very photogenic giants in any sort of light!

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