Ups and Downs

Such a long time between posts and quite a lot has happened!

This summer has been full of ups and downs hence not so much writing. We have still been out doing what we do though! Georgie has had a great race season, firstly finishing in a superb position in the CCC which is in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc series and then taking on her first competitive half iron distance triathlon, again finishing really well.  In the CCC (Courmayeur (Italy), Champex (Suisse), Chamonix (France))  she finished 149th overall out of 1900 starters in a speedy time of 17 hours 35 minutes. She was 12th in her category and 14th female overall which was 2nd British female! Two weeks later she entered the inaugural Evergreen Triathlon. This was a brand new event organised by friends of ours and was super environmentally friendly. Georgie entered the half distance which still was 2km open swim, 95km bike ride and then a 21km run! she came 3rd female overall! Stunning! She was even taking it easy under Dan’s orders as she had over done it last year and made her self poorly so she perhaps could have come 1st! All in all a stunning racing summer! She has a new running blog – which you should all follow and keep an eye on whats she has been up to!


Dan has spent a lot of time in the UK over the summer as his dad was very unwell and unfortunately died at the end of October. So a rather up and down year for him and everyone close. Dan did still manage to get some adventures in the mountains which kept him a bit more upbeat! The last of which saw Dan and Pete climb up the crevasses infested Glacier du Milieu route on the Aiguille du Argentiere which is a very pretty peak of 3901m. A long slog up hill of 1600m from the valley floor with heavy packs took them to the Argentiere refuge. After a brief night there they climbed a further 1200m crossing glaciers, dancing on snowballs and climbing steep snow slopes got them to the top. The hot summer has taken its toll on the mountains and some of the crevasses were enormous. There had been just enough snow the days before to cover the smaller crevasses. After crashing through some weak bridges and falling into some of the smaller ons, then being shut down by some massive holes they found them selfs at the top. We would like to point out that this is rare for Dan and Pete to actually get to the top of anything they climb together! After the top all that followed was the knee smashing 2700m descent down to the valley! What a long day out!

We have been back in Chamonix for a few weeks. We have brought new skis each, Georgie has some ridicules Dynafit PDG super light weight uphill race skis to allow her to train and maybe do a few Skimo races this winter. Dan has a pair of Black Crows to hopefully find some nice snow with! After a massive dump three weeks ago that got all our hopes up we have had a massive high pressure system sitting and not moving, all we need is for it to go and some snow to come! We are sure that good things come to those who wait!





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