Whymper Glacier

Today was another addition to the amazing snow we currently have! Dan and Pete had various plans for todays adventures, the first was annoying cut short due to a rail strike….no need to get up at 5.30 for the non existent 6.30 train… it was always going to be a long day! We sauntered home from the train station to re pack our bags as we decided to head up to the Argentiere Glacier to find something to ski tour up and then ski down. There were a few options but we decided on the Whymper glacier which leads up to Aiguille du Argentiere. Once that decision was made the next was the descent. We decided to come back down the way we went up but to hang a right and drop into a central couloir in the middle of the Chardonnet Glacier. Such a good choice it turned out!

We turned around at the top of the Whymper and skied some pretty hard unpredictable snow which constantly changed from horrid wind crust to soft powder for about 400m. We popped over a shoulder and from then onwards the snow was soft, cold and beautiful in the shade. Once we got to where the sun had been warming the snow for an hour or so it just started to change into spring snow, 30 minutes later and the couloir might not have been the best place to be, timing is everything! Once we had negotiated a way through the glacier we dropped into the couloir and blasted down 40º of loveliness to the Argentiere Glacier and then home for beers and lunch in the sun!


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