Two Days on the Midi: Cosmiques, Rond, Passerelle, West

Our friend pete has been having an amazing week the week just gone! Here is his write up!

Pete Houghton

Cosmiques Couloir, 18/04/16

Charlie Edwards, approach to Cosmiques Couloir
Pete rapping into Cosmiques 180416

Swirling clouds with the occasional tiny patch of blue. A light on-off drizzle in town. There are six skiers in the nearly-empty first bin at the Midi, along with a few teams of climbers armed with either approach skis or snowshoes. Under a bright blue sky, Dan and I are the first to clip in to our skis on the ridge, perched high above the clouds down in the valley. We each have a go at knocking sluff down the south face before the traverse to the west, where the four of us take it in turns take it in turns to stamp down the new snow on our way up to the col.

We have a quick look at the Rond, but the entrance is dry and wind-scoured, a tangled mess of the old cable car wires and grey ice. The top of the glacier looks…

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